High Flicker in APPLE Stores’ lighting system

High Flicker in APPLE Stores’ lighting system


Flicker Apple Store Arroyo de la Encomienda…one would have expected better from a technology leader!
I recently visited an Apple Store in Spain, I am told they are all fitted identically world-wide.
While waiting for the attendant to fetch my new smartphone, out of habit I looked up to see what kind of lighting they used: large LED panels.
Out of curiosity, I decided to measure the flicker, if any, with a handy app called “Flicker Tester” developed by VISO Systems (only available for iOS).
The result was staggering: Flicker Index 0.1; Percentage Flicker 98%! See the reading I got here:                                →
When the attendant finally came back, I asked her if she suffered headaches during her work shift. The answer was: “How did you know?” Apparently 90% of the employees pop painkillers towards the middle of the shift, to alleviate the suffering.
I tried contacting Apple to offer them my “human-centric” LED drivers, which provide 0.0 index and 4% flicker only. The problem is that Apple is so airtight that I have not been able to penetrate the account.
Maybe this “making friends” post will trigger some action?

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