We are a bunch of fanatics…fanatics about quality. We believe that when one does something, one is obliged to do it to the best of one’s ability, and that’s what we apply to everything that we do.
    SalesCraft S.L. is headquartered in Gijon – Asturias – Spain, where we have offices and warehouse. From this natural Paradise we offer our products and services to Europe and the Americas.
    We have made some mistakes, like everybody else, but we have built our reputation upon admitting these shortcomings and repairing them, even after warranty period expiry.
  At SalesCraft, S.L. we know, from experience, that T5 fluorescent technology and LED are inevitably destined to live together for many years to come. We are geared up to give you the best of both worlds. We believe that every project has its optimal solution and that one technology does not necessarily always win over the other.
  We are here to stay, not fly-by-night opportunists. That’s why we will not offer impossible warranties or raise false expectations.




Engineer Kellent Hong, who owns the diverse patents applied in our CLASSIC product and in the LED drivers, is the Technical Director of the Eco-Tubo® factory in Shanghai. Engineer Hong is a graduate of Columbia University (USA), and has held several development and design responsibilities, mostly related to electronic ballasts, at Philips, Osram and Sylvania.

Hong’s team is comprised of 3 electronic engineers for R&D and several administrative and logistics employees in charge of the supervision and quality control of the manufacturing sub-contracted factories. The LED drivers will soon be available on an OEM basis for other LED manufacturers.

Engineer Paul Stuyver, a Dutch national resident in Guangzhou, China, is our LED guru.

With 8 years’ experience in LED technology, he is our R&D manager, contracting and supervising the various factories that produce the diverse components of our LED Series products, on site.

SalesCraft Today
  • SalesCraft S.L. and its partner factories in Shanghai and Guangzhou have extended their partnership agreements focused on expanding the sales exclusivity to the entire Western world. The company has already sold over 800,000 units of its CLASSIC Series in Spain, and has secured distribution partners in Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Norway, Colombia and Mexico. We are now working on USA and Eastern European countries. Presently we are seeking distribution partners for other European and American countries.
Deliberate late appearance in the LED market

Until early 2014, unsatisfied with the products available in the Asian markets, we preferred to consolidate our presence and experience in the T8 to T5 fluorescent tube adaptors, which we still produce and distribute under the new name “Eco-Tubo® CLASSIC”.

In February 2014 we finally decided to design and develop our own LED product line, starting with retrofit light bars for the substitution of conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. This product line will soon be expanded to include LED down lights, Led panels and possibly airtight LED luminaires for parking garage and outdoor use.

We have no intention of entering the small bulb market because of space restrictions for a reliable driver with the quality level we like to offer.

For industrial and roadside applications we prefer to distribute the products offered by CREE LIGHTING, possibly the best alternative today.

The aspects we pay special attention to when designing an LED product are the following:

  • Whenever possible, we will use external drivers
  • Ease of installation and according to national and international rules and regulations, CE, RoHS, VDE, UL, etc.
  • Very efficient drivers that don’t generate heat and made with the best components on the market.
  • Flicker-free: 0.0 index and <6% flicker percentage.
  • Optimal electrical parameters: PF (Cos ɸ) >0,96, THD < 10%
  • Minimum inrush current for the drivers (< 6A).
  • We over-dimension and/or underfeed the LED products: when the LED chip manufacturer recommends a maximum of 0.2W, we will supply only 0.1W and use double the number of chips needed to reach the desired lumen level. This policy ensures longer lifespans than mathematically predictable, due to minimal heat generation.
  • We only use LEDs manufactured and encapsulated by top brands. Presently our PREMIUM line uses >150Lm/W chips with a CRI>Ra 85.
  • UGR (Unified Glare Ratio) is another aspect where we want to excel in our future down lights and LED panels. Our objective is to offer UGR 19, compared to the 30s and 40s offered on the market. We stand by the “human centric” philosophy in lighting.

Our presence in the LED market is born without legacy or previous investments. We start afresh in the second generation.


Our Mission

We consider that our mission is to provide products with the same or better quality and performance than the renowned brands, at a competitive price. We strive to be professional in the lifespans we guarantee. We grew upon responsible quality and gained our reputation through honoring the warranties given. We plan to continue on the same line.

Our “leitmotiv”: always give the true story and never create false expectations.

We grow with pride in our quality, even if it means getting a smaller part of the cake.

Benefits when installing Eco-Tubo®
  1. You will always save more than 50% energy consumption, obtaining the same or better light values tan with the replaced equipment.
  2. No need to replace the luminaires or to make alterations.
  3. You can perform the replacement by yourself, or have it done by your maintenance team or contractor.
  4. The longest lifespan on the market, by design.
  5. Superior human comfort and wellbeing than any other similar products.
Eco-Tubo®’s target market.

Most of the present Eco-Tubo® products are replacements for existing inefficient lighting installations. Our upcoming down lights and LED panels will also be suited for new building projects.

Eco-Tubo® is for the well informed buyer who wants to have the peace of mind that his new light sources will outlast the ROI of his Project, as well as the warranty period.

An informed buyer should know that the replacement of a faulty light source, even if it is supplied for free within warranty, will cost six times the original purchase value.

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